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Library Address
Adams Memorial Library
205 Central St
Central Falls, RI 02863

Welcome to the Central Falls Kid's Page




April Vacation Activities

Join us over April Vacation for fun and games!

Superhero Workshop: April 22nd, 3-5pm. Kicking off our April Vacation activities, we've got a superhero workshop for all those kids who want to save the world. Come in and design your own costume, discuss what your superpower would be, and what kind of wrongs you would right!

Game Day: April 24th, 1-5pm. Children getting antsy as they near the end of vacation? Come to the library for some fun games! Board games for all ages and skill levels will be scattered throughout the library.

Movie: April 25th, 2-4pm. Finish off April Vacation with a movie in the auditorium! 


Story Time!


Every Thursday at 11am, Miss Diana reads books and sings songs to help children prepare for school. Incorporating visual, audio, and tactile elements, she fosters an interest in reading among young children. Stop by with your little ones this week!


Digger the Worm

Thanks to all your help with the summer reading, Digger was able to grow and travel all over our board this summer! 

He can't wait to get home and tell his family everything that he saw this summer. Enjoy the beginning of school!


End of Summer Activities!

All week long at 1pm, we have fun activities for children before they head back to school! Come in and take part in Make Your Own Costume (Tuesday), a Writing Workshop (Wednesday), a Scavenger Hunt (Thursday), and a movie (Friday).